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Each year we compile a list of the best travel destinations for the coming year. With a global pandemic and travel bans that have blocked the borders of several countries, it may seem incredible to consider flying overseas right now. However, there is some positive news: things are going better for 2022, and Sky Fly Trips offers discounted flight tickets for international travel.

Did you know that in 2017, the travel and tourism industry in the United States generated over $ 1.6 trillion? So, it's not hard to guess that many countries have begun to open their borders. Do not be afraid; they do this by maintaining health and safety protocols.

What are you looking for now? Let me guess an amazing travel destination where you can relax and have fun. If so, then you, my friend, have come to the right place.

In today's list, we'll discussthe current tourism situation in Italy, where you can visit after Covid-19 on a budget.

Is Italy Safe to travel After Covid-19 Pandemic?

Italy suffered a heavy blow during the COVID pandemic. Their attitude, on the other hand, is admirable, as they not only reduced the number of cases but also opened up travel opportunities for foreign visitors. There are several restrictions on the number of countries that visitors can visit, but they are more than welcome to visit the most beautiful places in Italy!

Which city in Italy is open right now for foreign travelers?

Sicily has opened its doors to visitors for various reasons, one of which is that Italy's economy is highly dependent on tourism. Sicily is ready to reimburse 50% of the travel costs of a tourist as a beach destination in the country. There is a chance to win a free night of stay! Tourists will even visit several museums and tourist attractions without buying a travel card.

Plus, Italy is a great country to visit due to its fine cuisine, gorgeous scenery, fantastic wine, and long history.

Why should I put Italy on the top of my travel bucket list?

I'm not talking about the beauty of Italy and the travel guide, because everyone knows about it. Now you may ask why I put Italy at the top of my list. This is because Italy has already lowered ticket prices due to the Covid pandemic. So don't miss your chance now. You can do and watch a lot in Italy like watching the Venice Carnival, visiting Siena, relaxing on the lakes, eating out in Sicily, visiting Holy Week, a day trip to Luca, and more.

How can I create a travel budget for Italy?

Most hostels have free bed linen and Wi-Fi. For the most basic apartments, you can expect to pay around $ 50 a night. On the other hand, accepting the Covid-19 pandemic, you might get a $ 10-30 discount. Unique noodles, bread, vegetables, pie, cheesecake, pizza, and wine are some of the most famous dishes in Italy. It is convenient to eat decently anywhere in Italy, but if you take the initiative, you can eat for less than $ 15 a day. Most restaurant meals with wine will set you back about $ 25 per person. Plus, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some activities won't cost you anything. My recommended budget is $ 30-60 per day.

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