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Explore Top 11 Attractions in Belfast | Sky Fly Trips

Explore Top 11 Attractions in Belfast| Sky Fly Trips

On the territory of the smallest region of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, a huge number of attractions are concentrated, which attracts a lot of tourists from different countries. It is a vibrant city with incredible nightlife, top-class restaurants, and beautiful historical places.

In addition, the region itself is a mysterious land, which is shrouded in a mass of legends and stories. Each castle on this land has its chronicle, and historians still cannot explain many ancient artifacts. Ireland is a country inhabited by amazing people with ancient and unusual customs and traditions.

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Before planning your international trip to Belfast, please review the Covid-19 recommendations for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.

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What are the top destinations to explore in Belfast?

1. City Hall in Belfast

It was built over a hundred years ago, while the town hall gained its fame not only because of its age and unusual architecture but also because of its past. It is difficult to describe the interior decoration in words - visitors enter through a large stone gate, the decoration of the main staircase is made of four different types of marble.

The stained-glass windows are made in the form of paintings, which depict significant events in the history of the city from 1613 to 1899. The area around the building is also rich in numerous monuments, so the tourist will not be bored here.

2. Dunluce Castle

The ruins of this ancient castle are located in a very picturesque place among the rocks. Once upon a time, the legendary Irish fleet stood on these shores, which owes its appearance to the Vikings.

In those days, the castle was a truly impenetrable fortress; you could get to it only through narrow bridges. Today it is possible to observe only the remains of the walls of this once grandiose castle, but even they look quite impressive and arouse great interest among visitors.

3. Titanic Belfast

The museum, which is rightfully considered one of the most amazing on the planet, is completely dedicated to the fate of the infamous Titanic cruise ship, which was built in Belfast. In total, the museum contains nine different expositions, each of which displays a particular period of the construction of the liner, which crashed on its first voyage.

4. Giant’s Causeway

A place that amazes even experienced travelers. This attraction has a natural origin and has no analogs.
The Giant's Causeway arose as a result of ancient volcanic activity and consists of several thousand huge columns connected. Many legends are associated with this place, according to which giants once lived here. The Giant's Causeway is considered a natural wonder and is under the special protection of UNESCO.

5. Londonderry city wall

Londonderry is one of the oldest cities in Ireland. The city is especially famous because of the fortress wall, erected here many centuries ago. The size of the fortress is especially striking, the height of the walls is eight meters, while their thickness in some places reaches seven or nine meters.

The fortress around Londonderry was erected in 1618, and in its entire history, not a single army has managed to break through them. After a recent restoration, a visit to the city walls is again available for tourists.

6. Belfast Castle

The castle is located at an altitude of one hundred and twenty meters above sea level. Thanks to this, a wonderful view of the city opens from its walls. The history of the construction of the building is not entirely usual, the fact is that the castle was originally built in the twelfth century and was located directly within the city limits, but in 1708 there was a fire, as a result of which the castle was significantly damaged.

Instead of restoring the building in the old place, the owners decided that it would be much wiser to build a new castle outside the city, in the middle of nature of extraordinary beauty. For tourists, there is a restaurant and an antique shop on the territory of the castle, which makes it quite attractive to visit.

7. Mourne Mountains

This area is quite an attractive vacation spot for wildlife lovers. A distinctive feature is the crystal-clear water in the rivers flowing here, and of course, the magical views that open from the peaks.

8. Belfast Botanical Garden

Another delightful attraction is located in this amazing city. The garden was founded in 1828, at that time the garden became a kind of guide to the world of gardening and botany. From the very beginning, the Belfast Botanical Gardens included more exotic plant species, imported mainly from the southern hemisphere. Many of them grow here to this day. At the moment, the garden is very popular with locals and tourists, in addition to everything else, its territory serves as a venue for various concerts and festivals.

9. Parliament building Stormont

A real architectural monument that attracts tourists with its one appearance. The building is executed in neoclassical style and stands out with a perfectly white facade. It was built in 1935 and is still in operation.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to visit the building itself because it is still a full-fledged body of state power, but at the same time, no one forbids tourists to be photographed against its background.

10. Devenish Island

A tiny island that is blown by all the winds from all directions. Its peculiarity is the remains of a monastery, which was built here in the sixth century. The island itself has long been a major religious center, with a large number of churches. The most remarkable building located here is the twelfth-century tower, which is almost twenty-five meters high. In addition, interest is fueled by the fact that the tower is perfectly preserved not only externally, but also inside. There is a small museum on the island that tells tourists about the peculiarities of the history and architecture of such an unusual place. A special place in the exposition is occupied by a rather large collection of antiquities that were discovered here as a result of excavations.

11. Marble Arch Caves

ETourists have been able to visit these caves only since 1985. Their feature is that you can safely sail on them by boat. It is in this format that part of the excursion takes place here. The rest of the time, tourists move on foot, but this can be done only with an experienced guide. During the rainy season, the attraction is closed for visits, this is primarily due to the rise in the water level. The length of the caves is so great that a tour of them lasts at least an hour.

Are you ready to explore Belfast?

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