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Sky Fly Trips is one of the largest airline ticket search engines in the US. We compare all available flight options at your request and then direct them to the official websites of airlines. We assist our customers to find the most affordable available flight tickets with maximum comfort.

You have to choose a destination and select the dates with the preferable flights of low prices. You will get exclusive discounts and interesting flight options for round trips. We search, compare, and share flight ticket prices from more than x airlines.

Covid-19. Important information

Flight rules after the resumption of flights

Dear Clients!

Airlines are making every effort to make the flight safe and comfortable during the Covid-19 epidemic. To avoid difficulties and misunderstandings during check-in and boarding, we ask you to independently check on the airline's website the rules for the carriage of passengers, transit rules, as well as the rules for entering the country of destination. Per the recommendations, when boarding the flight and during the entire flight, wearing a protective mask and gloves is required. If there are contraindications to wearing masks, the passenger must provide a confirming medical document. Take care of yourself. Enjoy your travels!

Plan with confidence despite the pandemic

During this difficult time, we made sure that you book your flights with ease.

How to book Affordable Flight Tickets with Sky Fly Trips?

Sky Fly Trips has everything you need to organize any trip. The most important thing in planning a vacation is the opportunity to save on tickets and also choose good accommodation. A few tips for saving money:

  • - Early booking of airfare tickets, at least 2-3 months before departure.

  • - The best days to book plane tickets are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

  • - Evening and night flights are generally cheaper than daytime flights.

Airlines Reservations Online

This service will help you with the reservation of flight tickets. Constant monitoring and analysis of prices allow you to determine the optimal time for booking a ticket. Plan your flight, and we will show you how to save on tickets as much as possible.

As soon as you choose the suitable destination, airport for departure and arrival, favorable airlines, we present the flight options to you. It is suggested to buy inexpensive tickets at least two months before departure, later you may get tickets at slightly higher rates.

On the main page, enter where you want to fly from and where, and the calendar will show on which days the flight is cheaper. Often the difference of one day greatly affects the cost of the ticket. Due to heavy air traffic, frequent changes in the departure and arrival schedule are possible, but we keep you informed.

How can you change/cancel Plane Tickets?

You will not lose money if you change plans or cancel your trip: many airlines have taken care of this by improving their fares. Our air ticketing search system analyses information about all available air alliances, fares, and routes. The availability of business class and economy class tickets is checked in real-time. After collecting the data on special offers of all airlines, discounts, promotions, and sales for regular and charter flights are taken into account. Usually, the high fare plane tickets are sold 4-2 weeks before departure. Also, the price may change depending on the weekdays.

Easy Payment Modes

You can make payments on the websites of sellers in different ways: by Visa, Mastercard, PayPal. You can choose a convenient payment method in advance in the filters on the search page. You can get detailed information about your flight from an employee of our contact center.

See Safety Rating

Do not worry! Each airline has safety rules during the flight, from mandatory masks to thorough cleaning of the cabin every day.

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Customer Support at all Stages of the Booking

24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we are ready to advise you on all issues related to booking air tickets. Our operators will answer your queries, and clear your doubts. Please contact Customer Care with questions about reservations, payments, changes in tickets, and timetables. The bonus program allows you to earn bonuses with each booking that you can use to pay for new tickets.

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