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Solo Traveler Guide to Explore South America

Solo Traveler Guide to Explore South America

A year ago, I decided on my first journey alone and went to South America

How it was, read on :)

Someone flies to Thailand or Bali; someone embarks on a Euro-tour or travels around all 50 US states in turn. I chose Latin America, and even alone?.

No matter how trite it may sound, but it was not me who chose Latin America. You can call it an inner voice, a sign from above - whatever you like, but one day an idea came to my mind: “Why not break loose and go to Ecuador?”. Were there any reasons for my choice? No.

Why alone? Because someone once told me that when you travel alone, you are never alone. The meaning of these words came to me only when I began my trip to South America. Try to break off somewhere without friends-boyfriend-relatives and you will understand what I mean.

Was it a random adventure or a well-planned trip? What is, in principle, more typical for you: to go and sort it out on the spot or to prepare everything in advance?

I planned only the material part of the trip - I worked and saved money for the trip. Everything else, as experience shows, will come by itself. I am not the most organized person on Earth and planning is clearly not my forte. So, I decided to get assistance from Sky Fly Trips on planning my trip to Latin America.

How budgetary was Latin America?

It all depends on the country you are going to, as well as your needs. Brazil and Argentina are clearly more expensive than Honduras and Bolivia. You can also go to Rio on a super budgetary basis. However, I don’t support the idea of travel without money (except when it comes to outdoor recreation), but I know many travelers who manage not to spend a peso for weeks.

So, it's hard to talk about the budget of some countries - prices for food, hotels, airfare deals, entertainment can always be checked on the Internet before leaving for a particular country, but how will you manage your funds, determine the travel budget, and book cheap flight tickets.

Which was my most memorable experience in Latin America?

Probably, asking the question about what was most memorable is stupid. Still, the best moments of traveling to Latin America are”

Hugging a llama, surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean, getting to the carnival, base jumping in the Andes (despite my fear of heights), a thunderstorm in the jungle, and all the wonderful people I met along the way.

And finally, the most important advice for those who decide to explore South America:

Having gone there once, you will return as a completely different person. Although, if the changes do not scare you, then it's time to pack your backpack and travel to the most beautiful and mysterious places of the world!