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There are hundreds of interesting places in the capital of Russia, but there are iconic places that everyone who comes to Moscow is simply obliged to visit. With Sky Fly Trips, experience the luxury of Moscow, the capital of Russia. We present to your attention a selection of ten must-see places in Moscow

1.Red Square: The main square of Russia at the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. Red Square annually hosts the country's main military parade and is the site of all-season activities and festivals. On Red Square, there is the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the Lenin Mausoleum, and the Historical Museum, as well as many cafes and shops.

2. Moscow Kremlin: The State Museum-Reserve "Moscow Kremlin" is located on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin, and includes seven museums: the Armory Chamber, the Assumption Cathedral, the Archangel Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral, the Patriarch's Chambers, the Church of the Deposition of the Robe and the Ivan the Great Bell Tower. The Moscow Kremlin is one of the most visited museums in the world.

3. VDNKh: The Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy was first opened in 1939. VDNKh offers a view of all the iconic sights of Moscow, such as the Ostankino TV tower and Stalin's high-rise buildings. It is at VDNKh that the famous sculptures "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" and "Fountain of Friendship of Peoples" is located, and 49 objects located at VDNKh are recognized as monuments of cultural heritage

4. Tretyakov Gallery: One of the largest state collections in Russia of painting, sculpture, and items made of precious metals. The Tretyakov Gallery's collection numbers over 180,000 items, which are exhibited in two exhibition centers: in the old building of the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane, and the building of the New Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val.

5. Moscow Zoo: The renovated Moscow Zoo is a corner of exotic nature in the heart of the capital. In the Moscow Zoo, you can see such representatives of the world fauna as lions, tigers, polar bears, wolves, elephants. There is a greenhouse on the territory of the zoo, where you can see more than 100 species of exotic plants.

6. Moscow City: The first complex of high-rise buildings (skyscrapers) in Russia Moscow-City is the largest business center of Moscow. The complex has a metro station, a shopping center with a food court. The museum of the complex of skyscrapers is available for visiting, as well as several observation platforms with a height of more than 200 meters. In total, 23 high-rise buildings are planned to be built on the territory of Moscow City.

7. Moscow Cable Car: It is one of the youngest cable cars in Russia. The Moscow cable car was built for the FIFA World Cup held at the Luzhniki stadium. The cable car connects the left and right banks of the Moscow River and allows you to get to the Luzhniki stadium in eight-seat gondola cabins.

8.The Ostankino TV Tower: This tower is a symbol of Russian television and radio broadcasting. The tower was the tallest structure in the world with a height of 541 meters. From the glazed viewing platforms of the Ostankino TV Tower, you can see a breathtaking panorama of the capital.

9.State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia: The Bolshoi Theater is one of the most important opera and ballet theaters in the world. During the existence of the theater, more than 800 works have been staged here. The repertoire of the theater retains many classical performances of opera and ballet performances, but the theater keeps up with the times. For example, a theater publishes recordings of performances on its YouTube channel.

10. Park "Zaryadye": The youngest and one of the most popular parks in Moscow is Zaryadye. The Park is located on the embankment of the Moskva River, a few minutes from Red Square. It is a modern recreational space with several museums, a concert venue, and the famous Soaring Bridge.

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