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Terms & Conditions

By Accepting our terms and conditions you give access to use your personal information or any other information while booking. Sky Fly Trip Inc. (we", "us", "our",) is take care of complete customer assistance in finding travel information, determine the opportunity of travel (services). We try to make your flight booking appropriate or also we redirect you on our partner’s website. Here we use “you" or “customers" who use or visit our website or our consolidator’s website to book their flight tickets. You have to accept our terms and conditions without any modification as this is a legal agreement between you and us. We request you to read our terms and condition careful before proceed further, considering extensive information about restriction of liability and dispute settlement through agreement rather than going to court. If you access our website, use any service or contact any our travel partners through us you agree with our terms and conditions. In case you don’t agree with our terms and conditions do not use our website for flight booking purpose.

Use of the travel site.

You may only use the Travel Site to make legitimate reservations or purchases and shall not use the Travel Site for any other purposes, including making any speculative, false or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand. You may not (a) use any "robot", "spider", or other automatic device, or a program, algorithm or methodology having similar processes or functionality, or any manual process to monitor or copy any of the web pages, data or content found on the Travel Site, (b) link to any portion of the Travel Site, without the prior written permission of SkyFlyTrip, (c) use the Travel Site in violation of, or to violate, any law, rule or regulation, or (d) "frame", "mirror", or otherwise incorporate any part of the Travel Site into any other website without SkyFlyTrip' prior written authorization.

Illegal Activities

You are not permitted to use its content and any other information, images, for any commercial use. Cause any fake reservation or any other booking in prospect of demand. Do not copy, access or audit any information of our website using any spider, crawler, or any other automated software without our permission. If we find out any sign of fraud or false booking or any other suspicious activities we may cancel you booking through us and close association with us registered on your name, email and address.

Consolidators’ regulation and restrictions

If you are going to buy flight ticket through us please make sure you read all instructions of using website and our suppliers’ website. You accept the terms and conditions of booking levy by any vendors with whom opt for deal including but not bounded to, payment payable consent with our consolidators with their rules and regulations about air fares, and services. Airlines and other supplier may change price without any notice, air cost is only approved once the buying process has been completed tickets has been promulgated. You should agree that some our provider may ask for your sign as duty disclaimer to participate in their activity/ services offer by them. If you should accept that infringement of any rules or restrictions can cause your ticket cancellation.

Debit/Credit Card Fees

Few Credit/Debit Card companies charge extra amount for international transaction. If you are booking your flight from outward USA on US card your bank will convert amount in local currency and charge exchange fee. In case you have any doubt about cost rate applied on your flight booking we suggest you to contact your bank.

Taxes, Charges, and Fees

Charges appearing in your credit card could be in the name of the airline, any one of their service providers or one of our consolidators.

A processing fee of up to $30.00 USD may be charged for each ticket to cover varied expenses, including procurement, fulfilment, quality control and servicing of the flight ticket. All applicable fees are included in the Total Trip Cost as quoted.

All fare adjustments and processing fees are charged by SkyFlyTrip Inc, and may appear on your credit card as a separate charge.

  • All fare adjustments and processing fees are non-refundable.

    The customer agrees to pay the Total Trip Cost charge as appearing on the final booking page. If applicable, shipping charges for paper tickets will be added if requested by the customer or required by the airline.

    Charges on your credit card may be itemized for each customer by the airline.

    Phone Service Fees: On each ticket booked by phone, a non-refundable per ticket charge of to $50.00 USD may be added by SkyFlyTrip Inc.

    Exceptions to the Service Fees policy:

    First and Business class Airline Tickets- service fee of up to $150 USD per ticket may be added to all types of passenger tickets

    High risk/high fraud cities- service fee of up to $100 USD per ticket may be added to all types of passenger tickets

    Flights originating outside of the US or Canada - service fee of up to $75 USD per ticket may be added to all types of passenger tickets

    There is no additional representation or warranty made for the service fee charged. It covers only booking creation, site usage, and assistance of our phone agent in searching airfares and travel products, if applicable. Service fees may change any time and the updated fees may not reflect immediately. The actual service fee is reflected in the Total Trip Cost during check out. Customer has the right to decide against making the purchase if the final price is not acceptable. Please review the Total Trip Price carefully.

    Chargebacks and Debit/Credit Card disputes

    The customer agrees not to dispute the processing fee, airline ticket charge or fare adjustment if SkyFlyTrip Inc has abided by the terms and conditions of the airlines and this agreement.

    If customer is questioning any charge on their credit card, please call (800-348-5370) or send an email to the Customer Service ([email protected]) before disputing the charge with the credit card company.

    If the customer attempts a chargeback on a non-refundable airline ticket, service fee or a fare adjustment that meets the terms and conditions of the airline and this agreement; the customer agrees to refund the full amount of the chargeback plus a 50% penalty for the inconvenience and accounting fee.

    In cases where the customer attempts a fraudulent chargeback, the customer will be responsible for legal and collection costs in order to recoup the potential loss imposed by the customer.