Los Angeles, United States Of America

Planning to travel to Los Angeles?

When we talk about Los Angeles, a Hollywood sign immediately comes to mind, famous actors walking along the streets and green palm trees all year round. Yes, it is in many ways exactly what we imagine it to be, but, like any foreign city, it has many features and things that are unusual for us. Los Angeles is one of the largest and most expensive cities in the United States.

Let's talk about everything in order.

Los Angeles, in addition, is located at the most remote point in America: on the West Coast, in the state of California. There are many reasons you should visit here and taste the fame on the alley. Disneyland lies on seven thematic lands where you can find several hotels if you decide to fool around Disneyland. Also, you can listen to opera at the Disney concert hall. There are enough stars in Los Angeles at any time of the year. From riding a bike in Venice and getting on to surf there are many fun activities you can enjoy in Los Angeles. Let the fascinating sunset at Hollywood Boulevard and adventure at Disneyland be the backdrop of your next journey.

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